Next step for 7Steps: after the release of the video and the eBook on improvisation I wrapped a present for you:  7Steps – The Personal Training.

Seven Steps Cover

i guess there’s no method book or video in the world that says it all and after working with it you just say “Here we go, let’s play, no questions!” It’s the same with 7Steps. There will be some questions each one of you will have and each one of you will have a different question or wants to go deeper into one topic. that’s where Personal Training will help you.

The video deals with improvisational means like:

Dynamics – Melodic & rhythmic shifts – Articulation – Rests – Listening – Colours

The script (eBook) features the above mentioned topics in written for plus some sheet music and beautiful photos.

Here’s how a Skype- or Video-lessons works:

via Skype: install Skype on your computer, let me know when you want to have a lesson, pick up your instrument and here we go!

via video: send me a video (approx. 20 minutes long) or a link to a video of your playing and let me know what you want to achieve, work on, etc. In return I’ll send you a video (20-30 minutes length) with my instructions and suggestions. Surely I’ll also play the stuff, just like in a “real” lesson.

7Steps – Personal Training contains:

7Steps – Video (Download)

7Steps – eBook (Download)

3x Skype-/Video-lessons (á 45 minutes)

Price €115.-

! You safe € 45.-!

here’s where you can order the Personal Training ….