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This is a downloadable videotutorial about improvisation without having to learn all that harmonic stuff, scales, chords, chord progressions!

7Steps is about rhythmical items, dynamics, phrasing etc.

Download the video for € 15.-

Download the eBook for € 8.-

Download the bundle (eBook & video) for € 20.-



Sax-Workout deals with how to practise, getting the right feeling for a good posture so you can play freely. The method book deals also with what to practise in an economic way. We all have our every day live besides playing music, be it an amateur or pro in music. So you just have to have a schedule and focus on the most important things when it comes to blowing your horn.

Download eBook € 8,00

Christmas Carols for free!

Download arrangements of two christmas carols for all saxes for free! The music comes as a lead-sheet so you can play the bluesy-jazzy-versions with any other instrument.

Click the chrsitmas-tree to grab your sheets.

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