La Gomera SaxWorkout 2018 is taking place from october 15th to 18th


(c) vitoscha koenigs

The workshop is about all these really important things when it comes to playing your horn. Not more than 5 participants are accepted taking part when working on improvisation, how to practise and how to obtain the right mindset and schedule for playing music. Sax-Workout is not only designed for sax-players but for horn-players in general.

That’s what we’lll be working on:


How do I design the right atmosphere to practise? What am I supposed to work on and why should I spend time on that stuff?

How do I use my mental and physical power effectively?

What’s the most efficient and heatlthy position to play?

What about breathing?

How do I structure my practise-time?



How do I create my own licks?

By using some quite simple musical and harmonical means I show you how to develop your own licks. You don’t have to know anything about music theory….although it helps if you do!

Lick-Workout also helps you making melodies and songs more interesting. You’ll be able to play nice variations on Jazz and Pop tunes alike.



My very own method on improvisation 7Steps is about using idioms like dynamics, rhythmical and melodic shifts, articulation etc. in your improvisation. The method is not about playing harmonical weird stuff but to be able to play great music with just some few notes.



To get the most out of the workshop, each of the participants should have the same knowledge about the topics being worked on in La Gomera, each participant will get 2 x 45 minutes individual skype- or video-lessons. After the workshop there’ll be a one-time 45 minute individual online-lesson to work on some personal things that came up after working on all the workshop topics.

During the four-day-workshop in La Gomera we will be working on the above mentioned topics for about 4 hours each day. In the afternoon there’ll be time to visit the island and experience lots of impressions to influence your playing, improvisation, maybe even a composition!

Each participant is responsible for his and her own arrival and departure. I’ll give you information about how to get from Tenerife-airport to the ferry to La Gomera.

The workshop will take place at „Casa La Musica“ in Valle Gran Rey. As there’s no accomodation to stay overnight at the casa we will take care of a hotel or bed and breakfast for ourselves. I’ll check out if it is suitable for us to rent a house to stay altogether for four days. But that depends on the standard-level each participant wishes to have.


Budget (per person)

Workshop fee € 360.-

Flights from € 300.-

Fare for bus & ferry from Teneriff-airport to La Gomera € 90.- (per ride/p.p.)

Accomodation from € 40.- (p.night/pP)


Admissons deadline: march 30th, 2018!



If you are interested in working out on your horn, let me know by using one of the below mentioned ways. Here you ca also make a booking / reservation for Sax-Workout:

phone +49 176 243 00 154 (also what’s app & telegram)

skype andy.grosskopf