The Quick-Read:

I started teaching as a student in 1993. By then I was teaching piano for beginners and saxophone. I also gained experience in leading small jazz-combos and big bands.

While studying music (saxophone & arrangement) in Zurich and Leipzig, I was always teaching mainly saxophone, later I also started to teach flute and improvisation in workshops and private lessons.

The students I teach and tought so far range from beginners to musicians who want to start a professional carreer in Jazz, Rock, Worldmusic and Pop. There are 7-year-old boys and girls to 78-year-old retired people who wish to learn with me how to play the sax or the flute and how to improvise.

My workshops in improvisation “7Steps” and rhythmic-concepts “Groove Horns” are well-attended, mainly “sold-out”.


During the last 4 years I published two method books. One dealing with the everyday-routine of practising and playing called “Sax-Workout“. This concept includes very strongly my experience playing a horn and practising TaiChi and QiGong. The linkage of these three subjects is quite significant and can help a horn-player (musicians in general) not only dealing with the daily struggles in playing music but mainly how to get into it in a relaxed and most natural way possible.

The second book “Groove Horns” deals with how to train your groove and rhythm on your horn. The method book’s not about playing odd meters and sophisticated rhythmic patterns. It’s about developing a strong and perfect timing and to feel good and relaxed playing in all kind of tempos, getting into styles quite fast that you’re not that used to.

Lately I just released a video-workshop plus an eBook on my improvisation-concept “7Steps“.

if you’re interested in my work as a musician, bandleader and composer / arranger please visit my site


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