5 new year’s resolution for your sax-playing

  1. Don’t give upWhy did you start playing the saxophone? After work you could also sit down on your couch and have a beer. But no way, you want to play that horn!After having a break for some days practising hoe does the first tone feel?To me it feels great: holding this instrument in my hands, blowing the air into the horn and feel the sax vibrating on between my fingers and realising how the space around me fills with sound!

    That’s when I really want to play even the first tones sounded kind of strange!

  2. Just do it

    Don’t think about how to start. Don’t plan what, how and how long to practise. Don’t think about what you were able to play before you had the break around christmas and new year’s eve. Just pick up your sax and here we go!

    There’s nothing worse than thinking about the things that really workes out fine some days or even weeks ago. Don’T think about how long you were able to play, tht you could easily play for two or three hours without getting tired. Now after ten minutes your mouth aches.

    Don’t evaluate your playing…. Just do it


  3. Don’t just play the saxFor my playing I always find it very helpful to not only practise and rehearse and having this horn in my hands (and mouth). I always try to find items that help me becoming a better musician outside playing music or composing and arranging. Amongst these things are: reading about music, musicians, styles and instruments and foremost listening to music. Be it in a live-concert, shows on DVD or listening to a CD.
  4. Finally there’s a plan

    After just doing it, think abut your next step, your next goal you want to achieve. Write down what kind of goal that is and start writing down what you need to work on to achieve that goal. Stick to it!

    At the same time check out a long-range goal and do the same: what do I have to practise, when do I have to do it etc. Stick to it!

    When there are times playing the sax doesn’t work out that fine, never forget:

    Just do it!

  5. There are no short-cuts

    Everything you practise and want to learn, you need to work hard on it. The greatest talents in music had to work hard. So do you. Focus on your goal. There are no short-cuts to learn faster in a lazy manner. If you really want to learn to play the sax and get better you have to learn the basics and work on your daily schedule. Otherwise the fun in playing music will be gone.

    This kind of work really challenges and let’s you discover something new!


    (c) all photos by uta großkopf