Your improv-mantras

Inspired by a report in the German magazine „GEO“, I wrote down some mantras for improvisation which might be useful, helpful and uplifting for your playing and improvisations.

Improvisation is for experts only! Yes for sure! You have to know your instrument and play it well. But you don’t haveto be a virtuoso, your tone doesn’T have to be the brightest and most wonderful. Improvisation is about doing it, playing with an open mind and open ears!

Be alert and use everything possible! Open your ears! Listen! „Wrong“ notes lead to a different direction. You drive along new and adventurous roads, taking you to new sounds.


(c) 2017 uta grosskopf |

Put the band into the spotlight! Improvising and playing music in general is teamwork. Musicians don’t play against each other, like an athlete fights against another in sports. Improvising is not about playing faster, higher notes….that’s what the Olympics is for. Improvising is a bout creating great music, sound touching musicians and the listeners alike.

Encourage yourself bringing the wildest ideas to life! Improvisation is about freedom. Free yourself from limitations and rules. Experiment with sounds, check out stuff that’s never been heard before, be wild and crazy!

Make mistakes, make them in an early stage and make lots of mistakes! Experiment, take risks and listen. By doing that you’ll learn what sounds got to you and what doesn’t sound good to you. Learn, improve, listen and play!

Improvisation is about freedom, experimenting and experiencing, discovering new sounds and going on an on and on….the sky’s not the limit….there’s more beyond!!