It’s been a while since my last blogpost. But I wasn’t lazy during the last weeks. I was working on the english subtitles for my videoworkshop „7Step


Anyway, here we go:

My last week was filled with teaching. Every day there were students, two of them absolute beginners. And I learned a lot from all of them.

First of all I realised that you should never stop being a beginner yourself. When I hold a lesson for a beginner holding a sax in her hands for the very first time in her life, I come to see what it means to play the saxophone. Those very simple questions: why does that instrument sound what it sounds like? What’s the right posture? What the best way to breathe? Do I really make up my mind about these questions being a pro-player myself? I don’t to be honest. But I have to….at least from time to time.

Playing music means: never stop learning, never stop discovering, never stop being curious. Being a musicians means never getting too old or tired of being a beginner. The journey in music never ends, there’s no finish-line. Maybe there are some stages we reach and take a break. But after we enjoyed these breaks we get up and get back to our journey.

That’s what I have to be aware of when practising. That’s what I try to teach my students. Sometimes we’re discouraged because we don’t reach a goal as fast as we wanted it to be reached. But instead of being discouraged I ask myself why I didn’t reach my goal. And I see that there are always thing to be discovered on that journey, even i didn’t reach the goal. Maybe I took a direction I never knew it was there.

I am not into climbing mountains. But there are a lot of similarities between climbing a mountain and palying an instrument: the way to reach the goal / peak is never straight to the top. There are ups and downs, little plateaus we have to go through. When I don’t make it mastering the plateau there’s no way to the peak.

One last thing: never ever compare yourself to others. Instead, listen to other musicians and learn!