„What’s the benefit of a lesson via Skype or video?“ I’m being asked this question very often. So I decided to let all of you know my personal thoughts. Mainly from the view-point of a student (not in music but a very similar type to learn something new)


Well neither is one of the above mentioned methods better nor worse than the other. There a pros and cons for the „normal“ lesson and there are pros and cons for a Skype- or video-lesson.

For me a lesson via the internet is just another tool to learn something new. You can easily contact any teacher anywhere in the world and get into his way of playing, teaching and looking at things.

Each one of us surely had more than one teacher in the past. They all tought us how to play the saxophone. But each of them in their own way and with their own method to teach and play.

Besides having a teacher, we see face-to-face, we took part in workshops, read and worked with method books and videos on some special topic.

The result was our very own style of playing the sax!

So nowadays we have another way to learn: through the internet.

As mentioned above I myself never had a lesson via Skype as a student (just holding lessons as a teacher). At the moment I learn some stuff in TaiChi and QiGong as a student with a teacher too far away for me to visit but with a method and style I love. So having this experience as a student I see many similarities to music.

Being a beginner some years ago, I started with a course in TaiChi and QiGong, having a teacher I visited on a weekly basis. This was an extremely important experience for me as the teacher could easily show me the movements right ayway.

After being no beginner no more (and my TaiChi-teacher left Germany), I was able to transfer the movements from one style to the other.

I then found a teacher teaching a special style I love, bought one of his books, which was great to learn from. Then there was a point where I couldn’t imagine how to do a specific movement. It was time to get his video on the same topic as the book. And here we go: everthing just went fine!

At the moment I’m really glad to be able to work with the book and the video. I can do a training whenever I want, in a tempo that’s fine with me. I can repeat one or movements whenever I have to.

Résumé: taking lessons via Skype or video you have to organize yourself quite strictly, you have to know yourself.

Skype is more the kind of „face-to-face“ than any other form of learning in the internet. Working on the tone is a little difficult, though.

To get into something new, get some new and different input and ideas, any means is worth being worked out!