Face-to-face vs. online-lessons

„What’s the benefit of a lesson via Skype or video?“ I’m being asked this question very often. So I decided to let all of you know my personal thoughts. Mainly from the view-point of a student (not in music but a very similar type to learn something new)


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Pracitising for 5 minutes?

Hell yeah!

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Here we go!

It’s been a while since my last blogpost. But I wasn’t lazy during the last weeks. I was working on the english subtitles for my videoworkshop „7Step

Anyway, here we go:

My last week was filled with teaching. Every day there were students, two of them absolute beginners. And I learned a lot from all of them.

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Your improv-mantras

Inspired by a report in the German magazine „GEO“, I wrote down some mantras for improvisation which might be useful, helpful and uplifting for your playing and improvisations.

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Your daily routine


Again and again there’s one thing that I experience with students and me alike: you hurry to practise the saxophone, get everything fixed up in high-speed and here we go!

Well, no….nothing goes anywhere. The horn doesn’t sound well. Maybe the reed’s too dry, maybe the sax is too cold. No it’s you being cold, not warmed-up to play not present!

You are not ready to play!

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5 new year’s resolution for your sax-playing

  1. Don’t give upWhy did you start playing the saxophone? After work you could also sit down on your couch and have a beer. But no way, you want to play that horn!After having a break for some days practising hoe does the first tone feel? —-> continue reading

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